A Wine Making System Allows You to Make Your Own Vintage

If you have gone through the process of liquor licence in South Africa, you are likely to make your own vintage for sure. The first step in any wine making system is fermentation. The basic concept behind wine is a fermented food product. Fermentation happens when bacteria starts to break down the sugars inside certain fruits like grapes. Most white wines go through a single fermentation round. You combine the grapes along with a particular type of yeast in order to start the fermentation process. The yeast starts consuming the sugars in the fruits and this starts to convert it to alcohol. Generally, over a two-week period, most of the sugar is gone, replaced by the alcohol.

  • Some wines call for a second fermentation.

The darker the wine, the more common it is to have a second fermentation round. The second fermentation allows the yeast to consume any remaining sugars. Red wines especially go through the second layer of fermentation. Once fermentation is complete, the next stage in your wine making system is to stabilize and clarify the wine. You add a clarifying formula which inhibits further bacterial conversion and starts to clarify cloudiness and settlement in the wine. This process usually takes another two weeks to complete. At that point, your new vintage is ready for bottling.

  • The choice of grapes makes a difference in the final wine.

As anyone that understands wine knows, white grapes generally make white wines while the darker purple grapes contribute to red wines. Grapes with colors in-between blend with others to create many other types of wine. You can experiment in your wine making system with different types of grapes to find the right blend for your palate. With grapes available year-round, you can get different flavors to match which season you happen to be enjoying. And this can take your wine making in new directions. 

  • Give a wine making system to any true wine lover.

It makes a fantastic gift for anybody that loves a good bottle of wine. That is especially true for those that tend to travel to wine making regions just to sample what is available. By providing them with the ability to make their own wine, you have opened up a whole new world of flavors and experiences for their palates. Most people who love wine would love the opportunity to experiment in creating their own flavors. It makes a great gift to give for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion. It even makes a good homecoming gift after a trip to wine country.