The Part of an Asbestos Expert Witness in Litigation

Many private and public agencies call on expert witnesses to perform research and provide written opinions for cases. The expert is usually someone well known in his or her area and uses skills, education, and experience to give an opinion. Most expert witnesses also act as consultants for attorneys or insurance companies. Since asbestos causes asbestosis and is linked to some cases of mesothelioma, a form of cancer, buildings, homes and other areas have to be in strict compliance. Asbestosis has been known to cause symptoms such as respiratory distress, coughing, and shortness of breath. Asbestos experts are usually asked to assist in these types of personal injury and company compliance cases. Further such cases can be handed over to Intervention Orders Lawyer in Melbourne for quick solution.

What Does an Asbestos Expert Witness Do

Asbestos experts provide different services that can be beneficial to litigation. These may range from taking air samples to conducting asbestos investigations. These experts also do analyses to determine asbestos exposure, which can help with liability. Another important task that this professional does is testify at hearings. Usually if a case goes to court, attorneys for the Plaintiff and Defendant generally will hire their own expert to help identify relevant issues. Some experts also provide commercial and residential clean up services for asbestos removal. The client may need help to ensure that the client is compliant with local, State and Federal regulations. The asbestos expert can also assist with ongoing monitoring of the clean up and supervise related projects.

What Qualifications Does an Asbestos Expert Witness Have

These individuals typically have a four-year degree and often a Masters degree in programs such as Engineering, Environmental Health, or Science. A lot of asbestos expert witnesses also have a background in air quality, toxicology, and occupational diseases. Another important qualification most of these professionals have is direct work experience and have worked as safety engineers, scientists and project managers. Most experts also hold relevant certifications in work place regulations, forensics, and environmental health. Since these experts will have to be able to testify in court, expert witnesses are familiar with legal issues and laws regarding asbestos exposure.

The Asbestos Expert’s Role in Case Preparation

An asbestos expert is a crucial part of litigation in these types of cases. After the expert is retained, he or she will provide research, compile evidence, and assist with litigation support. During discovery, the expert will have to help answer interrogatories and other responses for case evidence. Other things this person may be asked to do is have a deposition taken, take field surveys and give court testimony.